Charleston Chew Vintage WrapperCharleston Chew is name of a classic bar consisting of nougat coated in chocolate. It was invented in 1925 by the Fox-Cross Company, which was started by stage actor Donley Cross and his friend Charlie Fox in Boston, Massachusetts. Charleston Chew was named after the dance called The Charleston, which was very popular during this era of prohibition and speakeasies.


In 1957, Nathan Sloane bought up Charleston Chew. Sadly, Sloane passed away in 2006. Whilst in charge of production of the candy bar, he diversified the flavors available, adding strawberry and chocolate nougat options to the range. At one time banana flavor was also available but has since been discontinued.Charleston Chew Vanilla Wrapper


Nabisco bought Charleston Chew from Sloane in 1980, and later sold it to Warner-Lambert. Tootsie Roll Industries has owned the brand since 1993 and introduced mini Charleston Chews to the market in 1998.


Today, Charleston Chew is eaten in many ways, including room temperature or frozen and broken in to pieces. Get some bars and try them out yourself. Please let us know what you think in the comments!


FUN FACT: Charleston Chew candy bars have been used in university geology labs to demonstrate the concept of rheology (“the study of the deformation and flow of matter”, from Dictionary.com) to students!